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the sky is not the limit –
the sky is the minimum

For many centuries, alchemists have been searching for the mythical Philosopher’s Stone: the stone needed to distill from ordinary metals not only the noblest gold but also an elixir for eternal life.
With Spirits Project, we have the same mission. The difference? We have found our Philosopher’s Stone! Our quest for the noblest distillates led us to the very best whiskies and rums, worthy of eternal life.

That is our mission. That is our goal. That is Spirits Project.

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Meet the Founders

Spirits Project is the ‘spiritual’ brainchild of Angelo Jacobs and Kelly Bulens, spirit connoisseurs at heart.

Just as Obelix fell into the cauldron of magic potion as a child, Angelo as a little boy once fell into a barrel of whisky. For more than 15 years, Angelo was the driving force behind Flanders’ largest liquor shop, which not only left him with an eternal thirst but also an immeasurable knowledge of just about any distilled spirit. With Spirits Project, he wants to transfer this knowledge and passion to anyone who is open to it.

Besides literally hundreds of tastings, Angelo was for many years responsible for selecting the very best casks of whisky, rum, calvados and other delicacies that were enthusiastically welcomed at home and abroad for their outstanding qualities. One thing you have to give Angelo credit for: he never goes for anything less than the very best.

Alongside every strong man stands an even stronger woman, and it is no different at Spirits Project. When Kelly said ‘yes’ to Angelo x years ago, she gained the best possible teacher in spirits alongside. But in the meantime, the apprentice has become the master magician. Few in the spirits business have as sophisticated a nose and sensitive taste buds as Kelly. No flaw in the distillate goes unnoticed.

Together, they are the yin and yang of Spirits Project. With Angelo’s penchant for powerful distillates, and Kelly’s passion for finesse and perfection, they make the perfect team.

What do we do?

Spirit Projects offers you a range of spirit-rich services. Whether it’s tastings, consultancy and support for the hospitality industry, guidance on investments in collectible bottles or bottling an exquisite rum or whisky under your label, one thing is for sure:

the sky is not the limit – the sky is the minimum


Let’s face it: the economy has seen better times. If you take your money to the bank today, you will see your savings evaporate before your eyes because of low interest rates and high inflation. It is therefore better to invest your hard-earned savings in something that actually does yield money. In real estate, in gold, or in…. bottles.

If you carefully buy the right whiskies or rums – yes, even beer! – you can soon be looking at returns of 6-10% a year. Profit figures no bank can match.

But which bottles exactly should you invest in? For someone who does not deal with drinks on a daily basis, this is not an easy task. And that is where our years of experience come in handy, of course. Within your budget, we look at what is possible, at the best possible return.


As romantic as we find the stories of smugglers and bootleggers roaming the wild Highlands or sailing their barges across the wild oceans, the import and export of alcoholic beverages is a little different today. And the bureaucratic maze that comes with it is unfortunately a little less romantic.

With our years of experience, Spirits Project is your ideal partner not to lose your way in the labyrinth of permits, excise duties and other red tape. We therefore have our own excise warehouses, so we can import and export your drinks from and to the four corners of the world without any problem.

Sit back and enjoy, while we do all the work!


Have you always dreamed of impressing your customers or guests with your own whisky, gin, cognac or rum? Your own name, that of your company or association immortalised on a fantastic bottle of liquor? From now on, it’s possible!

Together, we select the best casks that best suit your needs and desires. We take care of all the paperwork, the bottling and even the layout of the labels. So that you can soon show off your own single malt.


Spirits Project is happy to share its knowledge and passion with you. Whether for tastings, company tastings, teambuilding activities or other events: our team will take you on a fascinating and tasty journey of discovery through the very best distillates.

Spirit Project organises and takes care of your tasting in every detail, so that on the day itself you only have one task left: receiving your guests.

Teetotalers please…well, abstain.


Spirits Project is the ideal partner for your catering business. Together, we compile a balanced drinks menu that will impress your guests. We also offer the necessary support to your staff. Do your sommeliers need a crash course in spirits? We can arrange that too!

Besides delicious drinks, we at Spirits Project are also fans of good food. We love sitting down with you to come up with the perfect pairing between your top dishes and the very best distillates.

Hopefully your customers will have clean feet, because together we will blow them off their socks!

Our bottlings

Barbados 2002, from Barbados’ oldest distillery. The name can’t be revealed, but it’s easy to find… (51.8%, The Whisky Jury for Spirits Project 2023, refill barrel, 264 btl.)

For our 2nd bottling, we would like to take you on an exotic dream trip to the Caribbean. Destination: Barbados! Aaah, Barbados. Pearly white beaches, swaying palm trees and riveting calypso music under an almost endless starry sky. And in our glass one of those heavenly Bajan rums: round, easy drinking, fruity, with hints of vanilla, coconut and tropical fruit, supported by elegant notes of caramelised sugar. Can you picture it?

Beautiful. Take that image and throw it in the nearest bin. Because our latest Spirits Project gem is a Barbados that will sell you a solid kick right up yer bollocks. Powerful and rough as an uncut diamond, with a fruitiness you wouldn’t expect from a rum distilled at Mount Gilboa.

At Spirits Project, we don’t go for easy drinking, for thirteen-in-a-dozen and for predictable. We want to continue to surprise, amaze and delight. And believe us: this Barbados rum will do all that.

C<>H 28 yo 1993 (59.1%, The Whisky Jury for Spirits Project 2022, refill barrel, 115 btl.)

The very first Spirits Project bottling, in collaboration with The Whisky Jury. Combine Angelo’s penchant for high ester funk with Kelly’s nose for elegance and depth, and you get this flavour bomb from Jamaica. Elegance and depth don’t mix with brute force, you say? Think again! This Hampden single cask proves otherwise. This is everything you would expect from a Jamaican: green bananas, tropical fruit, solid wood, dry, and with an aftertaste that will give you pleasure for hours to come.

Not for the faint of heart.

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